Two weeks ago, the Aspen Leaf team used there creative flair to help create a winter wonderland lounge for Carve Tahoe, a snow sculpting competition at Northstar. The lounge was filled with whimsical trees and soft lighting to help set the mood for this amazing event. The eight teams of sculpting masters came from all over the world to show off their talents. Many different sculptures were made from dancing bears to geometric sculptures which all defied gravity. Aspen Leaf not only helped create the lounge but was also asked to judge the competition.

Many hours were spent evaluating the art pieces and discussing the extreme skill and creativity levels. The verdict finial was release German took 1st place with Japan taking 2nd and Idaho taking 3rd.

Team Germany sculptured the "Four Elements which represents the building blocks of life- fire, water, air and earth held together by an eternal bond.” This piece made the judges ahh at its crisp angles and amazing angular forms.

Team Japan created "Heart to Heart". The organic shaped piece melted the judges hearts.

Team Idaho sculpted “Endangered Bears” which was created to help spread awareness about the endangered Kermode Bears.

Every team made breath-taking sculptures that pushed the envelope and worked hard to express the important of their concepts. This event was a great opportunity for Aspen Leaf to experience a different type of art form and we look forward to helping out again next year! Thank you to the Carve Tahoe team for a fun experience!